Individual Therapy for Teens


Over the last ten years, I spent much of my time working with teens in various capacities, from teaching to counseling.

With a background in teaching & working in various positions of leadership for teens, I aim to provide support for teens where they feel seen, heard, and valued. Being a teenager is a beautiful phase of life that begs self-exploration, full of opportunity to know the self deeper. That said, it can also be a time of struggle, where self-love and worthiness is often challenged by: the external environment; the struggle for a deeper level of autonomy that can come into conflict with the limited freedom often felt; and the stress that comes with navigating relationships, whether that be with family members, friends, or romantic partners. 

As a therapist, I work alongside my teen clients as they navigate through the triumphs and tribulations of becoming. While the teen clients I work with are my priority, I also aim to serve their parents or caretakers so that they feel supported as well.