Elizabeth Buckley, LPC Intern, LMFT Associate

Supervised By:

Juliane Taylor Shore,

Therapy With Me

Begins with relationship; it begins with our collaboration to create a space where you feel seen, heard, and gently held without judgment. I work from a place of deep curiosity and compassion to create an invitation for healing and growth through self-exploration, without fixed ideas about where we must go or how we must get there. My approach is holistic: I incorporate both the brain and body into therapy, as I believe both are integral to the therapeutic journey. Often, this manifests as mindfulness, or a slowing down and noticing of the mind and body; helpful bits on neurobiology that may allow you to develop a new or different understanding of your experience; movement that encourages you to get back into your body, gently and safely; a look into relevant information on sociology and conditioning; and simple, open conversation as a means of exploration. My role as a therapist is steeped in connectedness, curiosity, encouragement, empathy, and playfulness.

My decision to pursue This Work

Is a direct result of my background experiences in the role of teacher or guide for teens and adults. Over the last ten years, I’ve worked in a number of teaching or guide roles at various nonprofits where the missions are rooted in empowering adult individuals or adolescents by providing tools and opportunities for self-exploration and healing. My experience in these roles ultimately led me to seek my teaching license to work with high school English students, where I aimed to cultivate a space where students felt loved and worthy during the delicate time of being a teen. All the while, I sought my own personal journey with therapy to navigate my struggles. It was through my own experience in counseling that I saw the healing power inherent in the process.

Ultimately, my experiences as a support for others, my inherent curiosity about others, and my own journey in therapy all combined to contribute to my becoming a therapist. I sought my graduate degree of Master of Arts in Counseling at St Edwards University, and through my training there, I found working with clients through a holistic lenswhere elements of creativity, curiosity, neuroscience, biology, sociology, and mindfulness all come together in practicebest provides a space for healing and growth that ultimately allows for an integrated, authentic self.

Professional Training + Ongoing Development

  • "Brains in Session" with Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC S & LMFT S

  • “Internal Family Systems Training, Level 1” with Michael Elkin, MA, LMFT & Elizabeth Taeubert, LCSW

  • “Neurofluency: Dr Louis Cozolino on Clinical Application of Neuroscience” with Dr. Louis Cozolino

  • “High Impact Couples Therapy” with Terry Real, LMFT, Speaker & Author

  • "We Are the Tools of Our Trade: How the Therapist's Own Attachment Patterns Shape Therapy" with David Wallin, Author & Clinical Psychologist

  • "Cultivating & Anchoring Gifts of Higher Sensitivity" with Heather Davies, LCSW

  • "Sexual Intelligence: Innovative Approaches to Sexual Function & Satisfaction" with Dr. Marty Klein

  • "Internal Family Systems 101" with Michelle Hawn, LPC S

  • "Working with the LGBTQ+ Community Workshop Series: Living Sexuality” with Ryan Dillon, LPC & Adam Maurer, LPC & LMFT

  • "Case Consultation Group at IPNB" with Dr. Marty Klein

  • "An Introduction to the Hakomi Method" with Gregory Gaiser, Hakomi Trainer & Counselor

  • "Trauma & Attachment Workshop" with Sunny Lansdale, LPC S & Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC S & LMFT S

  • "Come As You Are: Secrets from the Science of Female Sexuality" with Emily Nagoski, Author & Ph.D.

  • "An Introduction to the Connection Between Food & Mood" with Cyndi Collen, LCSW & Morgan Molidor, Nutritionest

  • "Intro to the Gottman Model with Couples" with Michelle Hawn, LPC S

  • "The Business of Private Practice" with Susan Gonzalez, LPC S & LMFT