My name is Elizabeth Buckley, and I provide counseling for individual teens, individual adults, & couples. I am an LPC Intern & LMFT Associate at IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin under the supervision of Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC S & LMFT S. As a practitioner, I utilize a highly relational, holistic & integrative lens to help you achieve change that aligns with desired outcomes for your life. Further, I am neuroscience informed and believe in incorporating both the brain and body in session. My areas of focus include – but are not limited to –  generalized anxiety & depression, relationships, life transitions & trauma work. 

 A holistic lens allows me to incorporate interventions that consider both brain and body, as I believe both are integral to the therapeutic journey.  Often, this manifests in session as: mindfulness, or a slowing down and noticing of the mind and body; helpful bits on neurobiology that may allow you to develop a new or different understanding of your experience; movement that encourages you to get back into your body, gently and safely; a look into relevant information on sociology and conditioning; and open conversation as a means of exploring and fostering deeper insight.

Through my work with others, I find the stories we tell ourselves are often answers to our external world. We strive to make sense of our experiences, often at the expense of relationship with others or ourselves. In turn, we wind up with stories that keep us stuck, rooted in narratives that perpetuate our pain and prevent us from healing.

The therapeutic journey is an opportunity to navigate our world differently—it is the avenue to a new story. A deeper understanding of our inner experience translates to the external world, influencing how we exist and interact within that context. Through the facilitation and guidance I offer alongside the natural unfolding of the therapeutic process, we can work together to create change.

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