Therapy for Technology Use 


In today's world, the demand for deeper dependence on technology is growing at a rapid rate.

We are constantly encouraged to be in contact with technology through our work,  for social purposes, & numerous other reasons relevant to our lives as technology takes on a more prominent role in our day to day activities. While the benefits of technology are apparent, the less known information is how it changes our brains and alters parts of our lives that we may hold sacred, as the boundaries between technology and the present moment becomes more and more blurred.

Therapy for technology-use compulsion includes, but is not limited to: growing curious about our relationship with technology and our devices; how we want our relationship to be different; how we might be able to go about creating new boundaries with our devices; and what obstacles may stand in the way of that, whether that be yourself or something outside of you. We also look into research that is relevant to how technology alters our brain; we take a look at how it has the capacity to condition us.