Couples Therapy


Relationships can be tough to navigate.

The choice to come together with another person is something that can fill us up; there is beauty in sharing our lives. In that same breath, intimate relationships with our partners can challenge us in ways that leave us feeling unworthy and depleted or hurting and enraged.  When relationships are colored by conflict, intimacy-- emotionally or physically--may become threatened, making it harder to feel deeply connected to our partner as we struggle to feel loved and cared for. Over time, we may grow resentful of our partner or feel alone in the relationship. 

Couples therapy with me provides a space for couples to understand the manifestation of struggle in their relationship more deeply, through the process of learning more about their partner and more about themselves. By providing a space anchored in compassion and curiosity, combined with models and interventions provided by the science and theories of relationship experts, I hope to give you the tools to cultivate insight for your self and your relationship, so that you both feel empowered to make decisions that best align with, and help reveal, the road you want to choose for your relationship going forward.